RARE Michael Godard -Seven Deadly Zins- and -Seven Heavenly Chards.-


RARE Michael Godard -Seven Deadly Zins- and -Seven Heavenly Chards.-

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Price: $15,000.00

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Both pieces are #250/400 stretched Giclee on Canvas. Both additionally signed and inscribed on back by Godard in person (see detail below).

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a set of two Signed and Numbered, Sold Out Michael Godard Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas. This suite includes both oversized #250/400 from Godard’s sold out “Don’t Drink & Draw” edition, copyright 2003.

Nicknamed the “Rock Star of the Art World,” Michael Godard is one of the United Sates best selling artists. Michael grew up in Las Vegas where he has flourished as an artist creating incredible works of art. Godard’s more popular series “Don’t Drink and Draw” features animated olives and martinis; the art a commentary of our times as well as realistic masterpieces. Michael Godard finds a unique way of unfolding a delicate balance of texture, color, technique, realism, humor and imagination.

In describing “Seven Deadly Zins” Godard says, “I found a bracelet that had the seven deadly sins on it. I wanted to work on more wine pieces so I decided to call this the 7 Deadly Zins. Someone came over to my house and said that there actually is a wine called The 7 Deadly Zins. I use the red wine as a backdrop for the characters in the plot. The 7 Deadly Zins- pride, envy, anger, avarice, sadness, gluttony, and lust are portrayed by the purple grapes.” This piece has been beautifully inscribed by Godard on the back of the canvas with the words, “Sometimes its fun to be a little “zinful”! Don’t drink and draw!” Followed by his bold, FULL signature, and then a free-hand sketch of a grape walking, wine in hand, past a sign stating “WIne Tasting Today! This Way.” Once again, it is signed below the sketch with his characteristic signature “Godard.”

Seven Heavenly Chards is an actual bottle of wine that is available from Lodi Vineyards in Central California. Each detail of this piece has meaning: Chardonnay Justice, Balanced and true, Resurgence of Life brought anew (Grape w/ Scale), Chardonnays Temperance, Patient and Mild, Riding the storms and taming the wilds (Grape Taming Horse), Chardonnays Prudence, Cautious and wise, Embracing the earth, arms to skies (Grape holding earth), Chardonnays Faith, the intangible shield, Solid as stone, refusing to yield (Grape W/ shield), Chardonnays Endurance, The river within rising the Flow, again and again (Grape shooting up under Faith) Chardonnays Hope, a spark to ignite, An unquenchable flame, a beacon of light (Grape W/ lantern), Chardonnays Love, reigning supreme, Uniting them in all in this heavenly Dream (Cupid Grape). This piece is also beautifully inscribed, “Life can be so heavenly!!” Followed by his bold, FULL signature.

Both come with the original Certificate of Authenticity and Limitation from Michael Godard Fine Art Inc. and proof of purchase from The Village Gallery in Irvine, CA.

Size: Each Canvas is 27″ x 40 1/2″      Unframed (both canvas have been stretched & mounted…ready to frame)

Weight: 4 lbs. 8 ounces each

Product Number: GODZINS1 & GODCHARDS1 (To be sold as a set)

Price: Retail for this rare set of S/N, Inscribed Canvas is $15,000.00.  On sale for $12,000.00 plus shipping


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